Welcome to InsideGSUSports

Hey there. Glad you found us. We hope you like the new blog.

Why, you ask, do we need a different space? We were starting to get plans in order for 2013-14 and talking about a lot of new content we want to put on GeorgiaStateSports.com. There will be more feature stories about our student-athletes and coaches, and more off-the-field articles. It may be about student-athletes in the classroom, in the community or doing what normal students do … like a video of one of our wanna-be chefs on the football team cooking at his apartment. Oh, there will be a lot more video.

As we talked, wanted to have a place for a lot of different things, some of which doesn’t require a news release or doesn’t need a whole page. It could be tidbits on the upcoming game, interesting stats, or a behind-the-scenes story. So, where better to put that kind of information than a blog?

You might find an in-depth article here, or a great photo we want to showcase, and sometimes we will have a promotional video for an upcoming event. And because there isn’t always a great way to do it on GSS.com, we will likely have updates from promotions, marketing, sales, PAC, PantherVision, equipment and compliance. Pretty much every area around the athletic department will get in on the action at some point.

We are going to get coaches and players to write blogs too, along with administrators from other departments. And we’ll offer you the chance to ask questions. There’s room for all of it here, a place that’s specifically for our most die-hard fans. Speaking of which, we might even let you blog once in a while (stay tuned for more on that in the months ahead).

We have a lot of great things going on around Georgia State, both in athletics and on campus. With that in mind, we wanted to find a way to get more of that information — and those good stories — out to our fans. This is one more way we can do it.

If you have an idea for a story about a player or coach, feel free to send it my way. We can’t use every idea, but we want to hear them so we can take the best and do some cool things. My email is jtrickie@gsu.edu and you can send it directly to me.

Otherwise, come back here often and we hope you’ll enjoy what you see. The summer will still be a little slow as we get up and running, but our goal is to get to the point in September that we’re posting something interesting — and often not seen by the fans — here a few times each week.

Go Panthers!

— Jerry Trickie

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6 Responses to Welcome to InsideGSUSports

  1. Looking forward to future updates

  2. Thanks, Genius. It may take a little time to get our stride, but we think there are a lot of little things that fans may want to see or know about that we can provide. Stay tuned.

  3. Great idea. Looking forward to updates. One suggestion off the bat though, you might want to change the site’s favicon (little icon which shows up on the browser tab) to the standard blue/white logo as the blue/black logo is pretty much unrecognizable.

  4. David, you should start seeing it soon. Thanks.

  5. Glad to see a blog like this up and running! Already following it and looking forward to the season! #AllBlueAllIn

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