New Faces, New Fans

photo 2Greetings Panther Nation,

Fall is quickly approaching and things are speeding up here at Georgia State as we are looking forward to the upcoming year!  Fall signals a coming change: Weather (not soon enough), new sports seasons (everyone is undefeated), and new faces on campus, which is the topic of this post.

Here in the marketing office, we have been busy all summer making preparations for the upcoming year, and few are more important than our time spent at Incept, which is the university’s new student orientation program. So far we have been at 11 sessions and will be at 11 more before the summer is over. These events are important to Georgia State Athletics because they provide the opportunity to get in front of our new students and spread the word about the upcoming seasons, teams and how athletics can be a part of the student life.  I have the opportunity to share important information about the upcoming seasons, shuttle stops, walk-on opportunities and much more. The Georgia State Spirit Squads are also in attendance and teach the fight song and cheers to the new students. We provide fall sports posters and several give-a-ways and have a large number of students who receive their first Georgia State University item from us at Incept.

Incept is also a great event for us to be able to reach parents who may not be ready to let go of their children as they go off into the real world for the first time. These parents may want to check in on their freshman every weekend. Sometimes that means being able to come see them, and we happen to have seven weekends that they can get some quality time together. 🙂

(Side Note: Have you got yours? Season tickets are on sale now: Call 866-GA-STATE)

Think back about why Georgia State was the right fit for you. Everyone has their story, and these freshmen have theirs. It is our job to understand these stories and to help them come together to create the Panther Pride that they will love and cherish in the decades to come. There is not better opportunity to start this process than at Incept.

Signing Off,

Parker Hendricks


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  1. Any mention of Hunterville at Incept? It can’t hurt to see if any of the noobs are interested in camping out the night before the games.

  2. Not at the few I’ve been to, but I’ll mention it to Parker. Definitely could say something once in a while to let them know what some students are already doing. Nice idea.

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