Poll of the Week (The Answer): Best Memory in Football?

Ben McLane talks to a member of the media during GSU Football's annual media day.

Ben McLane talks to a member of the media during GSU Football’s annual media day.

Panther Nation has spoken (and with a solid vote total but we know you can still do more).

For today’s preseason football media day, 46.5 percent of GSU fans who voted wanted to know from our players ‘What is your best memory in football?’ That question actually received four times the votes of the next most popular question.

After taking our digital recorder to media day, here are the answers from the nine members of the team who were a part of the annual start to football season.

What is your best memory in football?

No. 44 Joseph Peterson: “During my senior year at Dothan High School, beating Central Phenix City. They were ranked in the top five in Alabama high school football that year and we beat them.”

No. 9 Brent McClendon: “My senior year of high school beating Marist. That was the first time that Marist had lost at home in nine years. It was a great experience.”

No. 17 Danny Williams: “When I was little, probably around 7 years old, I would go out into the backyard with my dad. He would throw passes and I would try to run and he would catch me and tackle me. It was something I will always remember. I tried to be like Travis McGriff, No. 3 for the Florida Gators back in the day.”

No. 56 Ulrick John: “My No. 1 memory would be my junior year of high school. We played against East Coweta in the first round of the state playoffs. They were beating us by three points. Our coach called a run right up the middle and I was playing center. I just lifted the nose guard and put him on his back. Our running back ran right behind me all the way to the end zone for a touchdown and we won the game.”

No. 11 Clay Chastain: “It would have to be just last year when I won the National Junior College Player of the Week. It was a very fulfilling moment just to know that all hard work at Georgia Military College had paid off. It was the game that got us into our bowl game so it was truly a great feeling.”

No. 18 Ronnie Bell: “It would have to be my first two state championships during my junior and senior years of high school. The first one was the most memorable since I had never been there before and then to win it again, was pretty amazing.”

No. 2 Albert Wilson: “My favorite memory in football has to be the kickoff return at Alabama. It was very unexpected. Even to this day, it is still exciting to me. I go back and look at it; seeing it on Sportscenter was a dream come true.”

No. 16 Ben McLane: “Favorite memory in football was my senior year in high school. We were playing in the semifinals of the state playoffs at home (Brookwood) against Collins Hill, the team with Taylor Heinicke, who now plays at Old Dominion. Leading up to the game, they were doing a lot of talking all week, bulletin board material type-stuff. They kept saying about how they were going to beat us and just how high-powered their offense was. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, but there was just too much talking. We ended up beating them pretty good and our defense held them to just seven points. I almost enjoyed that more than I did winning the state championship game. That was a lot of fun!”

No. 92 Theo Agnew: “My favorite memory in football was my senior year in high school playing against one of our rivals, Berlin High School. I burst off the line and got a tackle in the backfield and they fumbled the ball. We recovered and won the game. Afterwards, the entire team went and slid in the mud.”

As a follow-up, we asked Albert Wilson about his new hair cut (very short and aerodynamic): “I really like it. I have received a lot of good feedback on it. I have been told it makes me look older and more mature. I think I lost a couple of pounds too, so it might make me faster on the field.”

So there you have it. You the fans asked, and the Panthers answered. Be sure to check back on Monday for our next Poll of the Week.

–Mike Holmes

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