Poll of the Week: Which Logo Would You Like to See on More Apparel?

Blog-logosLet us start off this poll by thanking the many of you who have e-mailed in with questions, comments, concerns and ideas for our new blog. All are greatly appreciated and we hope that we can continue to answer your questions or use your questions to directly ask our fan base.

For this week’s Poll of the Week, we want to hear which logo you want to see more of on fan apparel like t-shirts, polos, hats, etc. Here are the options we have heard the most. Please let your voice be heard as we will be sharing this information with our apparel partners (the ones who make the decision on what to produce to sell in stores).

Results of last week’s poll: Best Memory in Football?

Panther Nation with a solid vote total, but we know you can still do more!

For last week’s preseason football media day, 46.5 percent of GSU fans who voted wanted to know from our players ‘What is your best memory in football?’ That question actually received four times the votes of the next most popular question.

We took our digital recorder to media day and in case you missed it, here is what the players had to say.

Click here for Friday’s blog.

–Mike Holmes

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10 Responses to Poll of the Week: Which Logo Would You Like to See on More Apparel?

  1. In my opinion, Panther fans need to continue to be vocal with our GSU moniker now that Georgia Southern is in the same conference and they love to pretend they had “GSU” first.

    As for the Panthers script, sadly, it makes the team’s new uniforms look more like a high school team and less like a D1 team in a major market. I hope it goes away, but lacking that, I hope it doesn’t show up on the apparel we wear with pride.

  2. Tough decision. Both the slant GSU and white Panther head need to be on more (all) stuff. Easy decision. Get rid of the black Panther head and Panthers script.

  3. I would buy a nice simple blue tshirt with the slant GSU on it in five seconds. Script is lame.
    We have to own the GSU acronym.

  4. Kim Cook says:

    You really should have an example of each of the options on this post. It would help drive the poll more. For someone that doesn’t necessarily know all the logos they are more likely to vote when they have examples rather then not vote at all.

  5. Thanks everyone for the input, and especially Kim (we added the image after you said something because you’re point made sense; appreciate it). — Jerry Trickie

  6. WOAH!!!! What you call the “Panther Head” is NOT the Panther Head. The Panther Head is what is on the hip of the football pants, and is burned into the lockers and meeting room chairs at the football facility, and what SHOULD be on the side of the helmets and used as the primary panther logo. What is posted above is too busy to be embroidered on hats/shirts, etc.

  7. Gotta agree with Panthersville on this one. The Panther “head” and the Georgia State Panther logo are two different things. The head is a thumbs up. The entire Panther and name is too much.

  8. killjoytshirts says:

    I just don’t get why the Panther script is popular. It’s so generic. If you asked 100 random people what organization the Panther script was tied to, you might get 1 that gets it right. You can’t say that for the other logos.

  9. I prefer the slant GSU the best. My second choice would be the “panther head” with the slant GSU below it (which is not an option).

  10. I agree with Felipe.

    I would like to note that the black logo looks good on the internet (b/c you are so close to the screen), but if you want anyone to really see what the logo says from a distance, the black & blue logo is not the way to go. Apparel & car accessories/stickers should have the white logos so that you can read them from a distance and not leave people scratching their heads as to what they are looking at.

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