Poll of the Week Follow-up: The Fans Respond

Panther Fans,

I want to personally thank you for your input not only in this week’s InsideGSUSports poll but for your overall support of OUR program.  I stress ‘our’ because it is truly important to us as an administration to hear, listen and take into consideration your ideas. Your opinions are valued  as they can truly help us continue to strengthen our position in college athletics.

We knew this question might spark some emotion and debate. I see that by the number of responses that we were correct. With that said, we will definitely share these responses with our licensees and retail partners.  This is the kind of feedback that we need to share with them to continue to push the envelope that needs to be opened and spread the message that Panther apparel and merchandise is in a higher demand than their own perception. We do not choose what is in retail stores or available online. We work with our retail partners on licensing our logos and images, and they make the final choice as to what stock they order and put in their stores.

We must also continue to hear from you.  This is not a poll we have placed online just for it to die out when the next one goes up.  The more we hear from you, the more progress we can make.

How can you help?  Well, there are several ways but my suggestion is to utilize your voice as much as possible.  If you see displays in retail outlets in your neighborhood without GSU gear or merchandise, take a picture and send it in.  Tag the store in Instagram, Twitter or any other social media and use the hashtag #AllBlueAllIn. This way we will always see it and acknowledge it.

Your voice will speak volumes to those who are charged with buying the store’s merchandise.  Tell them you want to see these logos. Tag GSU and we will help spread this message as well. Hopefully, they will catch the hint.

Our engagement with you and your engagement with us is paramount to our success. Every day, we are exploring how to continually upgrade our fan experience. That experience is not just about going to a game: it starts the moment you have committed your loyalty to the Athletic Department and the University.

Over the course of this academic year, prepare to be engaged with your Athletic Department. All we ask of you is your participation in these polls, spreading our message and, ultimately, being the best fan base in Atlanta, the Sun Belt Conference, the Southeast and eventually the nation! I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think this could be achieved.  Thank you for your support.

Go Panthers!

— Ike Fullard, Senior Associate A.D. for External Affairs

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2 Responses to Poll of the Week Follow-up: The Fans Respond

  1. I want a either a white lettered GSU Panther sticker or white lettered GSU Slant Logo with the word Alumni in white under it. I have the black & blue one on my car and it cannot be deciphered from more than 15 feet, which kind of defeats the purpose. I think you would be able to sell these very well if they existed.


  2. Thanks for your comment and we will definitely look into getting them created.

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