Inside Ticketing: Preparing for Football Season

On the second Monday of every month, a member of the Georgia State Ticket Office staff will give InsideGSUSports a look at what is going on in their department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming on Wednesday: Compliance.

2013 GSU Football Season Tickets

August is here, which means football season tickets will be arriving at your door step soon if they have not already been delivered. Anyone who ordered season tickets prior to July 17 will receive their tickets printed on commemorative stock. However, if you ordered prior to that date but changed locations after July 17, your tickets will be printed on our generic thermal stock.

I recently returned from Wheatland, Pa., where I visited Paramount Tickets. Paramount is responsible for printing our season tickets and handling fulfillment, a fancy word for packaging and shipping in the ticket operations world. Allowing Paramount to handle fulfillment takes about one to two weeks out of the process of you receiving your tickets.

Paramount is shipping about 75 percent of our accounts and returning the other 25 percent to my office. Customers who have a P.O. Box, requested pick-up, etc., are included in that 25 percent. The majority of packages are shipped via UPS Ground and the turnaround time from Wheatland, Pa., is about two days.

You will notice our season tickets this year have a much different look than from our first three seasons.  I brought back a lot of unique ideas that will be showcased on our season tickets moving forward. When you receive your tickets, email me at and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions about shipping please call us at 866-GA-STATE.

–Tyler Wilcher, Ticket Manager

Pounce Taking Ticket OrdersWe are less than 20 days away from kickoff which means we are in full gear in the sales center. We are pulling out all the stops, including putting Pounce on the phone to make some calls to season ticket holders for us.

We are not only getting ready for the football season, but we are also preparing for a very exciting Georgia State basketball season. Our renewal deadline just passed on Aug. 1, so we will begin our reseating process for basketball season ticket holders on Aug. 19.

We are rolling out an exciting new package this year that combines football and basketball. This combo flex plan will include a total of 10 tickets and cost $100. The only requirement is at least four of the tickets must be used for football. Beyond that, the tickets can be used in any combination of football or basketball.

This package is ideal for the fan who does not know which games they want to attend, but is sure to come out for a few basketball and football games this season. To purchase our new basketball/football combo flex plan, give us a call at 866-GA-STATE (866-427-8283).

–Jonathan Garfunkel, General Manager – Ticket Sales

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  1. Any idea when the student ticket packages to the ‘Bama game will come out, if there are any? And speaking of basketball, any idea on when the schedule will be released?

  2. As of right now, there are no specific student-packages for the GSU-Alabama game in Tuscaloosa. However, students can come by the ticket office at anytime and purchase tickets for the game. As for the basketball schedule, we plan to announce in the next two days (fingers crossed).

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