Poll of the Week: What Type of Gear Would You Like to See More of on the Shelves

When it comes to discussing GSU logos, there is definitely a passion among the Panther fan base. Thank you to the nearly 3,000 of you who voted last week on which logo you would like to see used more. As Ike Fullard mentioned in his Friday post, we will pass that information along to Collegiate Licensing and the companies that purchase GSU gear for their stores.

For this week’s Poll of the Week, we want to hear which type of gear you are most likely to buy. Here are the options we have heard the most. Please let your voice be heard as we will be sharing this information with our apparel partners, just like on the logo poll from last week.

Since Ike Fullard updated you on Friday about the poll information, we will not recap last week’s vote other than to say 47.76 percent of it went to ‘Script Panthers.’ What you haven’t been told yet is that we had more than 4,000 page views on the second and third day the poll was live. In three days, we had more exposure than in the first month because it was a question everyone wanted to take part in answering. That could have easily come from many areas, as we spread the word via our social channels too, which reach more than 20,000 followers. The university also has a greater reach and it participated in getting the word out too.

To say there was a great deal of interest is an understatement. But to think that it was fool-proof in terms of someone hacking the poll would be foolish on our part. Nothing is unhackable, especially if you watch Scandal. The service we used through WordPress has options built in to stop — or at least slow — hackers. What we prefer to believe is that no matter the question, fans want to be fair about the process. If we are proved wrong and it seems that someone has found a way to cheat the system, then we’ll remove the polls altogether. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that as we really do have a sincere interest in hearing from you and this is a simple way to allow that.  So play nice.

Now, join in the action again and vote. Let your vote – one vote – be counted and come back again next week.

–Mike Holmes

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3 Responses to Poll of the Week: What Type of Gear Would You Like to See More of on the Shelves

  1. The poll’s blog post was linked to on various message boards. The messages in comments made on those boards as well as here were all contradictory to the outcome of the poll. Smells fishy.

  2. David,
    Thank you for your e-mail. The one thing I would say is that you need to look at the fan base as a whole, not just one/more group(s). There are more than 100,000 GSU alums and what the majority like may be different than one group. Not saying they are right or wrong, but we have to look at the group of alums as a whole. It would be pointless for us to do polls if were not going to do them with honesty as it does not do any good for anyone. Hope that makes sense and once again, thank you for your e-mail.

    • My only point was that for those fans dedicated enough to actually talk and comment about the university to all have different opinions than what the poll’s final result was is fishy. I’ve not seen or heard from anyone anywhere who says the panther script or black panther logos were their favorite yet those came in overwhelmingly ahead. Based on my experiences and interactions this is odd. If that’s what the majority of fans want, so be it but as someone who follows the program closely this was all very questionable.

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