Poll(s) of the Week? It’s All About Polls

Billy Joel once sang ‘It’s All About Soul.’ Well, this week, in our bad version of karaoke, we are singing ‘It’s All About Polls’ as we ask you the fan to answer seven polls for us to allow us to better understand our users. You have been kind enough to answer one question a week and this week we hope you will answer all of them so we can use that data moving forward.

Last week we asked: What Type of Gear Would You Like to See More of on Store Shelves? We had a total of 78 responses (I guess it didn’t move people as much as the week before), but 44.78 percent of you said you would like to see more polos on store shelves. Another 20.5 percent asked for more t-shirts, while 19.2 percent of you said more hoodies. We will happily pass this information on to our partners and let you know what happens.

–Mike Holmes

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5 Responses to Poll(s) of the Week? It’s All About Polls

  1. jayinatlanta says:

    The “other” choice for me about news was the GSUpanthers Twitter feed. Also, I use a Windows Phone (HTC 8X).

  2. Excellent input @jayinatlanta. Appreciate you taking the time to list the ‘others’ for us. Twitter is a useful tool and we’re going to try to add to the information we provide there. — Jerry Trickie

  3. I get a lot of info from Twitter feeds, whether it be from GSU or someone who works for GSU or someone from PT.

    Also, if I am at home, I use my computer to look at stuff, if I am not at home, it is almost always on the phone.

    Enjoy the polls, keep em up.

  4. The questions about phone/browser use on GSU websites is odd considering there are tools you can use on the site to monitor that exact type of activity.

  5. David, thanks for your comment. We actually do monitor that, especially with Google Analytics, however, we wanted to get a response from those of you who we feel are using it the most.

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