Welcome Back!

With student-athletes already starting to report back for classes that begin next Monday (international students arrived on Sunday), yesterday served as the perfect time for the athletic department’s annual All-Staff Meeting, a chance to greet new faces, hear more about the overall direction of the athletics department and get set for the coming new year.

The first part of the meeting is always the most exciting, seeing how many new faces the department has, especially in the form of graduate assistants. It is kind of like the first day of school for most of them. This year, there are 60 graduate assistants among the 165 total staff members in the department. Those 60 help make up the nearly 32,000 students who will be attending GSU this year as the school pushes to become the largest university in the state of Georgia.

The department also received presentations from Walter Massey in regards to the University Campaign and Don Hale, who discussed the University Public Relations plan. It is great working at a university in which the entire school appreciates the value of college athletics. Both of these men see the value and are helping push the department to new heights.

Director of Athletics Cheryl Levick also discussed the department’s goals for the year, most importantly, the student-athlete experience at Georgia State and the fan experience at all of our home events. Also of importance was once again working toward 5,000 hours of community service by our student-athletes and coaches to help those in need in the Atlanta area.

The meeting ended with presentations from the senior staff as we get ready to kick off another exciting year of Panther Athletics.

As a graduate of GSU, it is a great time to be a Panther and I, along with my 164 co-workers, are looking forward to a great year on the field, on the court, in the classroom and in the community.

–Mike Holmes

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