Football Ticket Update

As we head into the season, we want our fans to know where we stand in terms of anticipated attendance and how much they can still help. Below are a few bullet points I shared with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Doug Roberson earlier today about where we are in terms of projected game attendance Friday and our season numbers. If you still need tickets, there are many options available at the bottom of this post.

  • As a conservative number, we expect 18,000-20,000 fans on Friday at the Georgia Dome.
  • Our number of season tickets sold as of Thursday is just over 7,100. Last year, the season tickets sold were 4,025.
  • A large amount support has come through the charitable ticket program this summer.
  • Our overall season ticket sales without the charitable tickets portion is steady compared to last year.
  • To reach the required average attendance of 15,000, we can choose to use paid or actual attendance. We will use paid attendance.
  • On game days, we provide to the media the NCAA paid attendance number that goes in the box score and counts toward our 15,000 attendance requirement. We will also provide the actual attendance for that game.
  • The formula for paid attendance includes sold season and single-game tickets, students actually in attendance (via student ID) and complimentary tickets that are redeemed for entrance to the Georgia Dome.

If you want to purchase tickets, you can call 866-GA-STATE today. Or you can go online to There are single-game tickets starting at $10, season tickets, charitable tickets to give to those in need, flex plans for 10 tickets for football and basketball games for $100, group plans, and three-game mini-packages.

Do your part and tell all the college football fans you know in the Atlanta area to come see the Panthers once. And if you have already purchased tickets, thank you. Coach Miles will have the team ready to play hard and the players are set to try their best to give you a reward for your support on Friday.

See you at Dome sweet Dome.

— Jerry Trickie

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