BlueMan’s Quest Continues at First Football Game

BlueManInsideGSUSports will have a special guest blogger throughout the 2013-14 academic year as BlueMan gives his thoughts on all things GSU Athletics. Daniel Wilson, aka BlueMan, has set a goal of attending more than 100 GSU sporting events this year. Following Friday’s football game, the number is at three and counting (plus the football luncheon and volleyball alumni game, but as he mentioned, those don’t count toward his total). Here are some of his thoughts following the first football game.

It is a common theme in our American culture that whenever there’s a football game, be it professional or college, there’s going to be a pre-game tailgate.  The same thing goes for Georgia State football.  Whenever our Panthers play at the Dome, you can always count on there being a good tailgate beforehand, and last Friday was no different.  All throughout Orange and Brown lots, you found a wide variety of people, from current students to alumni, fraternity guys to sorority sisters, people of all kinds enjoying good food and having a good time.

After the tailgate came Panther Walk, where the fans line up along the street between Orange and Brown and greet the team as they arrive at the Dome.  It was exciting to see everyone line up for that, and even more thrilling to give several of the players high-fives as they passed by.

Next, the doors opened, and I, along with several others took advantage of a deal where since we were among the first 100 students to enter the building, we got to go on the field during warm-ups.  That’s one thing I like about being a GSU student and fan.  There is no other school that I know of who would allow their students on the field during pre-game.

Once all the pre-game festivities were done, the real action began.  Though attendance figures were slightly below 18,000, you wouldn’t have known if you were there.  There was lots of energy and noise behind the endzone (where I was) and to the right of the band, who by the way, did another fabulous job all night long.  The high-point came when GSU stuffed Samford on 4th down at the goal line not once, but TWICE!  That was when the whole student section exploded and I lost my mind.  For a while I thought they were going to win, as they showed a lot of fight that night, and though our Panthers didn’t come out on top, I left satisfied and looking forward to the Chattanooga game this Saturday.


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