Where Would You Like to See the Panthers Start the Preseason NIT?

The Georgia State men’s basketball schedule should be completed in the next week or two with the announcement of the Preseason NIT field. It will mark the first time the Panthers have played in the event and with two wins in the opening regional, Georgia State will advance to Madison Square Garden over Thanksgiving break for a pair of games that will be televised on ESPN.

Although we currently do not know all 16 teams in the field, we do know the four hosts: Alabama, Arizona, Duke, and Rutgers.

So our question for you Panther fans is simple this week. If you could pick one region to start in, which would it be?

Regardless of what region the Panthers are placed, it should be a lot of fun and some great exposure for GSU as it prepares for its first season in the Sun Belt.

–Mike Holmes

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5 Responses to Where Would You Like to See the Panthers Start the Preseason NIT?

  1. Don’t forget that we have the game against FIU in late November down in Florida. The Panthers can’t play every game in the Sunshine State 🙂

  2. I’m hoping for ‘Bama, mainly because I wouldn’t have to skip to attend, as long as the game starts at at least 6 pm.

  3. 1 in FL isn’t enough (I know that is out of your control), just would be nice if say they had a preseason NIT at UF or something.

  4. Daniel…Bama would definitely be fun and I think a good GSU group of fans would make the trip. Genius…we would probably have to join the Sunshine Conference for you to get your wish, great league, but not exactly what I think you are looking for

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