BlueMan Reaches Double-Digits

InsideGSUSports will have a special guest blogger throughout the 2013-14 academic year as BlueMan gives his thoughts on all things GSU Athletics. Daniel Wilson, aka BlueMan, has set a goal of attending more than 100 GSU sporting events this year. As of Sept. 18, he is at 11 events, including volleyball’s exciting win over Clemson.

In the past few weeks, I have managed to stretch my event attendance count to 11. Though I am still a long ways away from attaining my goal, I have plenty of positive memories to tell from each event.  I’ve seen a couple close women’s soccer games and earned $2.04 in what turned out to be a very intense Cash Drop at the Chattanooga football game.  The following week, I watched four intense volleyball games before finishing off with softball’s fall schedule opener against Georgia Highlands.

Final Scoreboard Against ClemsonOf all the events I’ve attended so far, I have to say that my favorite is the volleyball match against Clemson.  As we all know, with only one senior and three total upperclassmen on the roster, the volleyball team is very young this year.  Even though the results haven’t shown it, they’ve played very well in each match, and with the team being as young as it is, the only way they can go is up.  Back to the Clemson game.  What really impressed me in that game was that Georgia State didn’t just get up after losing the first set.  As the great Samuel L. Jackson would say, they rose up!  With myself, the men’s golf team and a raucous women’s basketball team, and other Panther fans cheering them on, they won three straight sets en route to victory!

Softball vs. Georgia HighlandsI’m definitely looking forward to every GSU Athletic event I can attend in the near future, but the one I am probably looking forward to the most is the football game against Alabama on Oct. 5.  In the spring, I visited Tuscaloosa for the first time ever to watch a GSU softball game, but never have I gone there for a football game.  Just having the opportunity to go there to watch GSU play the No. 1 team in the nation is something I am very thankful for, and I do not doubt I will have fun, no matter what the result.  Some words of encouragement for the football team, though:  I know it has been a rough season for y’all so far, but don’t be too discouraged.  When you go down to face Alabama, just have fun.  As long as you are doing that, no matter how bad things may get, I will cheer you on all the way!  Keep one thing in mind, though.  No matter what the odds are or how impossible something may seem, as long as you give it your best shot, anything is possible.

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