Inside PantherVision: What’s Next on the Horizon

On the fourth Monday of every month, a member of the Georgia State PantherVision staff will give InsideGSUSports a look at what is going on in their department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming next Wednesday: Panther Athletic Club.

Hello Panther Nation! PantherVision has been pretty busy since the last post and with that has come a lot of improvements and content.

The first main improvement is the new PantherVision Video Portal. The new portal has been upgraded to be a more streamlined experience to allow you to worry less about navigating the player, but be able to find what you want to watch more quickly. The new layout is incorporated into the main Georgia State Athletics website as well. Upgrading to this player not only allows you to have a nice viewing experience, but allows you to view live events in High Definition (coming shortly).

Another big improvement some of you may have seen already is the overall production of the online video streams. We rolled out our new live broadcast during the start of volleyball. The new live streams incorporate a live scoreboard to display score, clock and even shot clock for basketball season. This creates a better experience for you to be able to watch the game and know what is going on. Also, we will have play-by-play audio on the streams that will come in nice and clear.

So, we are constantly making improvements and keeping you, the fans in mind during these improvements. So be sure to check out PantherVision for all things Georgia State Athletics!

–Wade Johnston

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