Behind the Scenes With GSU Student-Athletes: Volleyball

Starting this week and running through the end of the year, InsideGSUSports will have a different student-athlete(s) talk about a different topic every week. Topics will range from how practice is going to an event that they are looking forward to coming up. It will be their chance to talk about what is going on with their sport.

For our first student-athlete feature, we had two volleyball student-athletes talk about their favorite professors after last Wednesday night’s Champions of Character Night. Each volleyball student-athlete was encouraged to invite out their favorite professor to the Panthers match against Western Kentucky.

Here is what Andrea De Leon and Kristina Stinson had to say about the professors that they chose:

History class is usually a class that every student falls asleep during the lecture. That is not my case. I’m taking World History Since the 1500s and it’s amazing! Yes you heard me right…ITS AMAZING. Dr. Thomas Bobal has a peculiar way of teaching history. He tells a story of the story, which makes history so much more interesting. He makes you get involved in the story that he is telling by putting you in the situations that people were in the past. He makes you realize how people lived, the difference that each historic event had in the life of the people and how ideas travel all over the world. I love the passion and dedication that he shows in classroom and how he manages to transfer that passion to his students. I’m a very lucky student to have him as a professor because I have never enjoyed history as much as I’m enjoying it now.

— Andrea M. De Leon

Professor Beaudoin is not an average college professor. Her passion and love for what she teaches is absolutely inspirational to me. I have gained a new and genuine interest in our country’s government because of her. Professor Beaudoin allows us to openly express who we are and what we believe in and always has a radiant smile on her face! I admire her very much for everything that she does for us. Thank you, Professor Beaudoin!

-Kristina Stinson

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