Behind the Scenes with GSU Student-Athletes: Football

Through the end of the year, InsideGSUSports will have a different student-athlete(s) talk about a different topic every week. Topics will range from how practice is going to an event that they are looking forward to coming up. It will be their chance to talk about what is going on with their sport.

For our first football student-athlete feature, David Miller discusses football’s transition from FCS to FBS, Wednesday’s Block Party and his family tradition of football.

Having the privilege to play college football at the Division I, FBS level is a huge honor.  Transitioning from Division I-AA (FCS) to eventually competing for a national championship is a huge step that Georgia State has taken on. Yes, I am only a kicker, but I am also an observer.  I’ve been around a lot of football as both my father and grandfather have coached for many years in the state of Georgia. I have seen how a football program can be ran, under Coach Curry, and I am seeing how a football program can be turned around under Coach Miles. The high-pace, demanding practices has come at the right time as we are competing with bigger and better teams.  Every day, my teammates lay their life on the line for the betterment of themselves, for their families, and for the fans of Georgia State football.

Following Wednesday’s practice, the team receptively went to the block party located at Unity Plaza.  It was astounding to see the turn out for the pep-rally and support for our football team.  Our students know that this season is not going the way that we all wanted it to, but they are seeing a change in the football atmosphere around Georgia State and want to be apart of the newly-found tradition. The homecoming week and their activities reminds us of our centennial year and how much this university has grown.  This Saturday concludes the activities of homecoming week. This Saturday also marks the inaugural Sun Belt game for GSU.

Moving into the Sun Belt conference means big things for this growing program.  I am extremely excited to start play against Troy University, the same school my grandfather played for back in the ’50s.  Homecoming and their events are a big part of the University, but my mind and the mind of my teammates are focused on the game at 3:30.  The conference play is everything we have been waiting for.

–David Miller

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