Behind the Scenes with GSU Student-Athletes: Men’s Basketball

Rashaad RichardsonThrough the end of the year, InsideGSUSports will have a different student-athlete(s) talk about a different topic every week. Topics will range from how practice is going to an event that they are looking forward to coming up. It will be their chance to talk about what is going on with their sport.

For our first men’s basketball student-athlete feature, Rashaad Richardson discusses the start of practice, getting ready to face a real opponent and a potential change in point guard this year.

Yes, we are more then ready to get the season started. Practice has been going great, but it gets to a point where you want to face someone else other than your own teammates. Everyone is aware of the expectations surrounding this season and we know we have to go out and handle our business. We also know it won’t be easy. We have a target on our back and coach tells us all the time that people want to give us their best shot and we need to be more than ready.

As I mentioned, we talk all the time how we are ready to face someone else other than ourselves. We do a good job of pushing each other in practice to get each other better, but it is still not like facing someone else. We understand that it’s not personal, but we have to push ourselves to get ready for this long season.

Overall, I would say the chemistry is much better than last year already. We started to play well toward the end of last season as it took some time for all of us to come together. Now that we have a fresh start and we are picking up where we left off.

The new guys are coming together as well. The guard play with Ryan and Devonta is really good. Both do a good job of getting other people open and creating for themselves. The situation is better because everyone knows their role and does a good job of it. Except for me: I was telling coach I think it would be better if he moves me to the point guard spot and let me do my thing, but I’m not sure how he took that. He hasn’t texted me back yet 🙂

I guess that just means we have two really good ones and I will just have to work to get open in the corner for a 3!

–Rashaad Richardson

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