Behind the Scenes with GSU Student-Athletes: Women’s Basketball

Gaby MossThrough the end of the year, InsideGSUSports will have a different student-athlete(s) talk about a different topic every week. Topics will range from how practice is going to an event that they are looking forward to coming up. It will be their chance to talk about what is going on with their sport.

For our first women’s basketball student-athlete feature, Gaby Moss discusses the change in dynamic of this year’s squad and some of the fun that they have off the court.

I room with Gia “Shanti” Groover, but if you came in our room at any given time (when we are not in practice, study hall, the weight room, class or at the cafeteria), you wouldn’t be able to tell who’s room it belonged to. At any point in time, Jamila, Miranda, Kayla, Kendra, Alisha or any other team member are bound to barge into our room unannounced, uninvited, and noisily (we have got to stop leaving our door unlocked!!). It’s pretty entertaining until it gets late or they raid my refrigerator (which they do often). I’m honestly convinced they spend more time in our room than they do in their own!! But it’s all good, it’s a mutual thing.

We decided on starting a tradition to cook for each other at least once a week, most likely on Sunday. Like a Sunday dinner or breakfast. Unfortunately, that tradition didn’t last but one day, and we haven’t quite gotten around to doing it again. The first time was great though! Shanti made collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and rolls, and Jamila added in some spicy baked chicken. Heaven on a plate, when you’ve grown accustomed to the cafeteria food. I’ll probably surprise them with my family’s secret butter roll recipe one of these days.

Along with this tradition of cooking once of week, we’ve even talked about having a movie night in our new locker room. If you’ve seen the way our film room is set up, you would understand why we would we have it there. Two huge flat screen televisions, movie theatre style seats with cup holders, and enough space to stretch out and just enjoy ourselves. Now if we could just work up enough energy to actually walk to the locker room… 🙂

The best part about being on a team is knowing that you have people that have your back no matter what. When I’m feeling down and out, I know that a shoulder to lean on is only a couple of steps away, or if I need a good laugh, they’re probably busting through the door before I can pick up the phone to call. That family feel is definitely more prevalent on this team than it’s ever been. I think we purposely keep our doors unlocked because we expect each other to barge in unannounced throughout the day (they won’t admit it but I know otherwise!). And that’s what I believe is what will make us better this year. We are starting to see ourselves more as teammates and less as individuals on a team. I’m not saying we will be perfect, or that we will agree on everything, but we are building one of the most difficult things to establish: a bond.

–Gaby Moss

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