BlueMan (And Many Others) Take on Commodores

Panther Bench and Fans in Nashville BlueMan at Vanderbilt

InsideGSUSports will have a special guest blogger throughout the 2013-14 academic year as BlueMan gives his thoughts on all things GSU Athletics. Daniel Wilson, aka BlueMan, has set a goal of attending more than 100 GSU sporting events this year. On Tuesday, he and many friends traveled to Nashville for the men’s basketball game with Vanderbilt. Here is what he saw.

It’s been a few months now, and I am already one-third of the way through my journey to 100 events.  Tuesday night, I hit 34 as I traveled to Nashville for the big game against Vanderbilt.  Yes, Vanderbilt.  The ivy league college of the South is what many call it. Home to more than 12,000 students and the site of the first away game for the Georgia State men’s basketball team.  The game was close, there were a bunch of lead changes, and neither side ever led by more than six points.  Though the Panthers didn’t win, I still had such a great time up there in Nashville.  Here’s how it all went down.

As soon as the clock hit 1 p.m., Jack Brinson (aka. The Blue Bandit) and I departed from the Sports Arena and went on a four-hour drive to Nashville.  Along the way, we listened to some good beats from artists such as Daft Punk, Drake, and even Jay-Z.  You can’t ask for a better soundtrack than that when you’re on the road.  Once we arrived, we rendezvoused with Nick Bray and explored the campus for a few hours.  We got to see the football stadium, athletic facilities, even catching a brief glimpse of the football team in practice as they prepare for their game against Kentucky.  Once that was done, it was game time.

An hour and a half before tip-off, gates opened.  Once we picked up our tickets from will-call, I changed into my suit before getting to my seat in section 2F behind the baseline. Even though we were four hours away from home, Georgia State had a strong presence in Nashville that night.  With members of the GSU band in attendance, there was no way our voices were going unnoticed inside that 14,000 seat stadium!

At last, it was game time!  We knew that Vanderbilt would be no pushover, but with GSU as good as it is this year, as long as the team showed up to play, we knew that they would have a chance.  Back and forth each team went.  Up until the final minute, neither team led by more than six points, it was that intense!  All throughout the night, Panther Nation let it’s voice be heard.  I don’t like to brag, but we were much much louder than Vandy’s student section all night long!  Kudos to our band for bringing their A-game, because without them, that would not have been possible.

With the score tied with two minutes remaining, both teams deserved the win, but in the sport of basketball, there can only be one winner.  Unfortunately, in the end, it went to the Commodores.  I left disappointed, but not unsatisfied, for the Commodores are arguably the most difficult opponent on the schedule this year, and we went toe-to-toe with them all game long.  As my good friend Nick said, if GSU can show up the same way they did on Tuesday, they are certainly going to have a great season.

Until next time, Go Panthers!

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