Inside Video: Understanding the New PantherVision

On the fourth Monday of every month, a member of the Georgia State Video staff will give InsideGSUSports a look at what is going on in their department.  Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming next Monday: Marketing.

Hello Panther Nation! I hope you are excited as I am as we move into the 2013-14 Georgia State basketball season! With that comes a new experience with PantherVision. I have heard the comments and questions out there and just wanted to let you know the most important things about the new PantherVision and how to get the most out of it.

  1. Games broadcasted in HD are archived within 48 hours of the event. So even if you miss a game, you can come back and watch it later.
  2. When viewing in HD on web or mobile you could see the picture quality change. This is know as “Adaptive Bit Rate” and is based on the signal of your mobile device or PC. The picture will adjust to make sure you can still view the event without any buffering. You will notice on other live streaming apps as “Watch ESPN” uses the same technology.
  3. Only games that are streamed in HD are available to watch on mobile devices (iOS and Android). SD events are available to be watched on website.
  4. All On-Demand content is free to view on web and mobile devices, but only the latest 20 videos related to that specific sport will be on the app.
  5. All of the men’s and women’s 2013-14 basketball season will be streamed in HD.

If you have any questions with your account or how to setup an account you will need to contact the Neulion Helpdesk at

To experience the new PantherVision portal, click the link the below.

To learn more about the mobile app, click the link below.

–Wade Johnston

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