On the Road With the Panthers

Logan McElroyContinuing a popular feature on InsideGSUSports, Logan McElroy, a recent GSU gradudate, traveled from his new home in Cary, N.C. to see the men’s basketball team in Elon, N.C. as a part of the NIT Season Tipoff. McElroy was a fixture in the student-section the last few years and even made a few road trips. Here is what he saw when he traveled to Elon earlier this week.

Last year, I missed very few GSU basketball games in the Sports Arena.  By my count, I think I missed one.  I enjoyed every minute of losing my voice and cheering on my team.  Every game I dawned my white Georgia State basketball Dri-Fit and a snow hat (whether white, blue, or neon).  In May, I traded in my snow hat and white dri-fit for a cap and a gown.  I am now proud to call myself an alumni of Georgia State University (Class of 2013).  Recently I relocated from Atlanta to Cary, N.C. for a job in a youth ministry at a large church just outside Raleigh.

While I love what I do, and wouldn’t trade it for the world, I really miss college and I especially miss GSU basketball.  Coming into the NIT Season Tipoff, I was able to watch every game (including exhibitions) either through PantherVision or the home teams’ stream (I purchased Vanderbilt’s feed and PantherVision is top-notch in comparison). I watched the loss to Alabama, and wow it was frustrating.  But life goes on. Shortly after the loss, I learned the Panthers would be playing two games at Elon, which is in Burlington, N.C. (About an hour from me). Needless to say, I was really excited!

The outcomes against Canisius and Elon were not what I hoped, for nor expected. But I will say this, there is still hope. Even though the season hasn’t quite gotten off on the right foot, there is still hope. Sure there are questions and cause for concern, but the season is by no means lost or over. This team can struggle right now and still right the ship and find success in this season. The key is building momentum going into conference play.  A No. 1 or 2 seed, means two wins and we are going to the Big Dance. That is what we need. We don’t need to worry or think about an at-large bid. The games leading up to conference play should be looked at as tune-ups for conference play. Remember FGCU last year. They were 12-8 at one point, not overly impressive. Their success was attributed to a late season run.  A team that probably doesn’t have the talent that our Panthers do this year, and they simply got hot.  The same can happen for us through the Sun Belt tournament.

Sure we are 2-4, but five of those have been on the road. It will be nice to close this long road trip on a winning note in Miami.  It will be very nice to get back into the Sports Arena.  But we have to believe and support this team. Don’t write them off, especially now when they need our support the most. So get out to the Sports Arena, make some noise, stand up, yell, and help bring the Panthers to more wins! Make sure the Sports Arena is the toughest place to play in the Sun Belt. The games I get to come home for, I’ll be there giving all I get to help bring my friends to a win! This season is far from lost. Don’t give up Panther fans!  Onward and Upward!

-Logan McElroy

P.S. If you are interested in writing a guest blog from a road trip you go on with the Panthers, e-mail Mike Holmes (rholmes@gsu.edu) and let us know when you will be traveling with GSU.

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