Inside Compliance: Keeping GSU Compliant

On the second Wednesday of every month, a member of the Georgia State Compliance staff will give InsideGSUSports a look at what is going on in their department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming after the holidays: Communications.

It is the belief of the Georgia State University compliance office that continued rules education is a vital instrument for our athletic program’s growth and success.  In a time of increased scrutiny and high- profile major infractions, the compliance office strives to communicate with student-athletes, coaches, administrators and athletics representatives to identify potential violations before they occur.

When news comes out regarding an NCAA violation and the ensuing penalties, our immediate response is to identify potential issues within our program that are similar to the case at hand.  In addition to conducting multiple meetings throughout the year with our student-athletes, the compliance office schedules monthly rules education meetings to educate each coaching staff of current legislation, summarize revised policies and review case studies.  Throughout the year, the Compliance Office conducts additional meetings (as needed) and/or posts educational materials around the athletic department to educate and deter student-athletes, coaches and staff members from committing potential infractions.

These educational efforts include, but are not limited to, anti-gambling reminders prior to the Super Bowl and NCAA basketball tournament, as well as recruiting, eligibility and social media issues.

Just yesterday, the NCAA released information regarding an eligibility case involving 137 student-athletes at Southeastern Louisiana University.  The school was primarily penalized for issues relating to eligibility, specifically in regards to student-athletes’ changing their majors.  Georgia State relies heavily on the University Registrar, student-athlete development and the compliance office to identify any and all eligibility issues concerning our student-athletes.  All three offices work together to ensure our 350+ student-athletes continue to meet eligibility requirements.

After reviewing the case, we evaluated whether a similar problem could potentially arise within our program.  Fortunately, due to the systems currently in place, we determined that our certification process is precisely defined to deter the types of issues that plagued Southeastern Louisiana from occurring at Georgia State.

As we do with all NCAA Infractions cases, we will continue to monitor and adjust our policies in order to avoid any violations from occurring at Georgia State.  Please help us keep Georgia State compliant by directing any questions regarding NCAA rules to Georgia State University’s Compliance Office, which may be contacted at

Thank you!
–Erik Paz

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