BlueMan (And Friends) Continue to Cheer

DSC_4134 InsideGSUSports will have a special guest blogger throughout the 2013-14 academic year as BlueMan gives his thoughts on all things GSU Athletics. Daniel Wilson, aka BlueMan, has set a goal of attending more than 100 GSU sporting events this year. Following Friday’s game against in-state foe Georgia Southern, BlueMan gave us his latest update.

Whenever there’s a home game, the routine is always the same;  set up our tents by the entrance to the Sports Arena, rain or shine.  We stay up as late as 2 a.m. playing games or enjoying a good conversation before going to bed.  Then comes gameday: we get dressed in our usual attire, start the line before entering exactly one hour before tip-off.  From there, we spend every minute of every game doing our best to make the Sports Arena as miserable of a place for opponents to play as it can be.  That is what happens for every Georgia State home game.  Friday, though, was no ordinary game.

Over the last few years, the Panthers have developed a pretty good rivalry with the Georgia Southern Eagles.  This game is to us what the Florida game is to Georgia, what the Michigan game is to Ohio State, and what the Alabama game is to Auburn.  If you could only choose one game to win this season, this is it.  It’s so big of a game that I made a “special” sign for it.  Whenever these teams play, you always see an intense game of basketball, regardless of what their records are.  This year’s game would prove to be no different.

With the bitter taste of last year’s defeat still fresh in our minds, we were ready for this one.  There was no way we were losing this one again, not in our house!  Panther Nation brought its best crowd yet!  The student section was packed, even Logan McElroy and Ryan Postal, two regulars in the standing section who graduated last year, made it out to the game.  The Southern faithful brought a good crowd too, though.  The stands behind the team benches was seemingly filled with them.  Like at a high school football game, you had the road crowd one side, and a bigger home crowd on the other.  With that, it was game on!

The first half was quite intense.  We all know how my good friend and fellow super-fan Nick Bray isn’t afraid to stand up for the team.  This game was no different, except that he was much louder and more intense this time around than I have ever seen him be.  Back and forth both teams went.  It was loud, there were big plays left and right.  Just like at Vandy, the lead flip-flopped for most of the game.  When the second half came, everything changed.


After an intense first half, the Panthers finally started to pull away.  Everyone found their shot while the defense tightened down.  One of my favorite parts of the basketball games is the dunks.  Whenever someone throws it down, I’m happy.  They can also provide the spark a team needs to get the win.  When Marcus got his monster jam, the entire building erupted.  The Panthers never looked back from there.

Whenever we blow out our opponents at home, we always sing “If You’re Winning and You Know It” first, the scoreboard chant next, and then the I Believe chant last.  Even though this wasn’t a blowout, with the game as significant as it was, we did all three of them anyways, and why not.  We beat Georgia Southern!  We proved to the world that we’re the real GSU!  I’ve seen my fair share of Panther victories in my time here, but this one felt so good!

P.S.  Shout-out to R.J. Hunter for his big game against UTSA!  Keep up the good work man!

–Daniel Wilson
aka. BlueMan

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