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Saturday Promotions

If you weren’t at the Panthers’ last-second victory over Arkansas State on Thursday night, you can still check out the final sequence through social media. YouTube is a great way to watch things after the fact. It had almost 800 views in less than 12 hours overnight, giving plenty of people a chance to relive – or experience for the first time – a big victory for Georgia State.

How big was it? Hopefully not the biggest of the year, but in a historical perspective, it gave the Panthers a 4-0 start in league play for the first time in history. Not just Sun Belt history (this time or the first time around), but ever. Any conference affiliation. So that’s pretty special.

One thing fans should note is that just because they’re not in the Sports Arena, it doesn’t mean they have to go without live game action. You can still hear Dave Cohen and Brandon Leak on every game, and Rodney ‘Truck’ Turner on home broadcasts anywhere you want … as long as you have a cell phone signal and our Georgia State Athletics app.

And it’s free.

Over the past two weeks we have been testing a live stream for the radio call that runs through the app on both the iPhone and iPad. Download it and you can see the stream ready to go for Saturday’s games (the women’s home games will also be streamed… anything on our radio partner 1340 the Fan 3 will be streamed, like the coaches’ radio show on Mondays). The streams will start about 30 minutes before the game and all you have to do is go to the Live section of the iPhone app, or click the Live Radio button on the schedule in the iPad.

We want as many people to have access to the games as possible. Adding free live radio streaming radio to our website ( and to the app to give people the chance to listen on the go is just one way we hope to keep everyone connected. So please pass the word and feel free to give us some feedback about it. Go ahead and email me directly at with any issues with the stream.

But, if you really want to experience this team — which you should — go ahead and get out to the Sports Arena on Saturday. We won’t mind if you come see for yourself instead of listening on your iPhone or iPad. Now that I think of it, you could actually do both. 🙂

— Jerry Trickie

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