Peachtree Road Race – June 19th Update

We are now just two weeks from the Peachtree Road Race and we hope that your training if going well. We had an overwhelming response from our first InsideGSUSports blog post last week and will continue leading up to the race. As you know, it is the world’s largest 10k (60,000 runners) and has deep Georgia State roots.

As we mentioned last week, we want to hear from the GSU alums who are running the race and your stories. Here are a few that came in over the last week:

Jeremy Williams – Former GSU cross country student-athlete who graduated in 2007. He will be running his first Peachtree Road Race this year.

Chuck and Ann Speight – It should be no surprise to this husband and wife duo running in the race. This will be Chuck’s 39th PRR and Ann’s 37th. The rest of us have a long way to go to catch up to them.

Johnnie and Patsy Engesser – Johnnie is a Class of ’73 alum and both he and his wife will be running this year.

Josh McCosh – Class of 1984. Has run every Peachtree since 1990 and will be in it again this year. Ran his first one in 1979 before he started at GSU, but took a decade off after that before deciding running the Peachtree is a good way to force himself to get in shape every year. Has been fortunate to stay healthy enough to keep the streak going long enough to build a substantial shirt collection.

And the last one for this week is Trisha Connor who shared an inspiration story with us and we will share it here:

I am a 1998 College of Ed grad, and a 2002 Master of Ed grad from GSU. (Go Panthers!!!) I have been a teacher for 15 years, and earned recognition as a Teacher of the Year at my school in 2005.  Next school year, I will be leading the implementation of a new STEM education program in my school. 

I began running as a part of a weight loss effort several years ago. With a change in diet, exercise, and a focus on dealing with stress in a healthy way, I lost 85 lbs. and ran a 5k, 10k, half marathon, 60 mile 3-Day walk, and then a FULL MARATHON in the last two years. 26.2 miles through the HEAT, HUMIDITY, and HILLS in Atlanta!

I love when any Atlanta running event winds through the GSU campus streets. I think of the time and effort spent there and lessons learned since those days. I think of the parking deck turned classroom building where I took my science class, and the walk up McDonald’s lines on windy winter mornings. 

I am a proud Panther and would love to complete the Peachtree in Royal Blue and White this year! It will be my 5th PTRR. Injuries have slowed me down this year, but I will compete to the best of my ability and encourage others to do the same.

So just like Trisha and others, please share your story with us and we will post next week. As you know, there will be a lot of Panthers running the race this year. If nothing else, we would love to post your time after the race.

And like last week, as an added bonus, if you would like to train for the Peachtree or run the Peachtree in a GSU t-shirt, we have your back. Send your information to Associate Sports Information Director Mike Holmes ( along with your t-shirt size and address and we will get a shirt in the mail. Our only request is that you send us a photo of you in your shirt at some point on race day so that we can include that in a blog post as well.

Finally, if you are not already, make sure to sign up to receive instant notifications when our blog is updated. It is simple to sign up and makes it easy to keep track of GSU Athletics. Just put in your email address in the box in the upper righthand corner of this page.

As you finish up your training for the race, good luck and Go Panthers!

– Mike Holmes
*Proud 2-time GSU alum running my third Peachtree Road Race this year

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