Peachtree Road Race – More GSU Alum Stories

Following our latest Peachtree Road Race blog updates, here are a few more shared stories from members of the GSU community who will be running the Peachtree Road Race next week. We have had all different types of experiences from those who have sent along their stories. For every first-timer, there is someone who has 20 times.

Regardless of what number this is for you, we want to hear from you. The Georgia State community is a big reason that this race has become what it has become over the years.

GSU rising-sophomore Mackenzie Nail

I am an upcoming sophomore at GSU, and I run both cross country and track for the school. This will be my 10th consecutive year running the Peachtree as I began running this race when I was 10. My parents are also avid PRR runners and have been participating in this race since 1993, but they have each skipped a few years during that time span.

My younger brother, Parker, who will be a junior in high school, has also been running the Peachtree since he was 10, but he was unable to race last year and will not be racing this year due to him attending FCA leadership camp in St. Simons, Ga.

My family and I thoroughly enjoy running the Peachtree as the environment is so upbeat and friendly, and it’s so neat to see so many people gather in one place to run a 10K, celebrate the 4th of July, and of course to gather all of the free goodies and to see the crazy costumes people wear! Last year was my first year truly racing the Peachtree, but I have not yet decided if I will be racing it again this year or just running for fun. I have gotten so used to running with my teammates that it will be weird not to have them by my side during this race, but I won’t feel like I’m too far away from home since the race takes place in Atlanta. Go Panthers!

Former GSU-runner Zaven O’Bryant (currently in the Morehouse School of Medicine)

I’m finally nearing the end of schooling, about a year to go, Fall ’15. I have achieved dual degree candidacy and am writing my dissertation and working on my project.

Generally, I train for the 800/1500m and occasionally a 5K. But, as I am getting older I am transitioning to more distance races. After racing at Georgia Tech in May I had to refocus on school to complete the semester ending July 1. After that it will be time to run the Peachtree.

Dale Krambier

This will be my 20th-something PRR, not sure exactly but I started in 1987 and have missed maybe three or four.  Peachtree was always a social event for me – a fun way to take in the city and its people.  I finally got serious about running four years ago, running two marathons and seven half-marathons since then.  In the process I lost over 100 lbs. and gained a new perspective of life.  Last year I ran a 56:18 at the age of 45, my PR for the Peachtree.  This year I will be running with my 15 year old daughter Tabitha who is new to running.  I am thrilled she has taken up a healthy lifestyle and look forward to making memories for both of us.   

So just like these stories, please share with us and we will post later this week and next week. As you know, there will be a lot of Panthers running the race this year. If nothing else, we would love to post your time after the race.

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As you finish up your training for the race, good luck and Go Panthers. See ya on the course!

– Mike Holmes

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