Inside PAC: The #PantherFamily is Growing!

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The #PantherFamily is growing!

Georgia State Athletics has seen a tremendous increase in support due to recent initiatives to unite and build the #PantherFamily.  In four short months, Georgia State has seen growth in the following areas:

  • PAC Memberships-The Panther Athletic Club has had a 21 percent increase in membership over the past year. This increase has helped Georgia State Athletics build a support base for #PAC2K, an effort to grow the #PantherFamily to 2,000 members by 2017.
  • Athletics Coaches and Staff are “All In”- For the first time in athletics history, 100 percent of Georgia State Athletics coaches and staff participated in PAC by becoming members. The entire department is united in growing the #PantherFamily from within.
  • Season Ticket Sales Increase– Since the launch of the #PAC2K initiative, season ticket sales for football have also increased. Over 190 new season tickets have been sold for the 2014 Georgia State football season.

There is no doubt that the #PantherFamily is growing because of great people like you.  THANK YOU to those who are helping us grow.  If you are not yet a PAC member, we invite you to consider following these three steps:

  1. Purchase season tickets and attend Georgia State games
  2. Become a member of the PAC
  3. Invite family, friends, and colleagues to do the same

We hope to see you at the Georgia Dome for Panther football as well as at all Fall Georgia State Athletic events.

Thank you and Go Panthers!

–Elizabeth Pangle

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