Men’s Basketball in Costa Rica – Day 2 Photo Blog

The Georgia State men’s basketball team continued its Costa Rica International Tour on Friday. Before preparing for its first game, the team took a tour of San Jose and got to see several sites along the way.

InsideGSUSports handed the camera off to senior Curtis Washington. Curt is known for his outgoing personality and had a great time snapping some shots for us.

“The tour was a lot of fun,” Washington said. “The people here are great and we got to see a lot of interesting things. I hope everyone enjoys a few of the photos.”

Throughout the Panthers eight day trip, the InsideGSUSports blog will try to provide photos of some of the unique perspectives from Costa Rica.


The Panthers enjoyed a tour of downtown San Jose on Friday morning.



Junior R.J. Hunter with his mom Amy.


T.J. Shipes, R.J. Hunter and assistant coach Claude Pardue take time for a quick picture while in one of the downtown squares.


We learned today that anytime Curtis Washington sees the No. 42 (also his jersey number), he takes a photo with it.


Although he was normally the one operating the camera, Curt also took the opportunity to pose with fans.


The Panthers drove past the U.S. Embassy.


For our soccer fans, this is where the Costa Rican National Team plays. They had a great run in the World Cup last month in Brazil.


One of the many plazas in downtown San Jose.


Part of the tour was an old church with some of the most beautiful stain-glass windows the team had ever seen.


Downtown San Jose


Rashaad Richardson, who is currently working with the team as he finishes his undergraduate degree spent some time feeding the birds.



Curt did too!

While the team toured San Jose, several members of the staff headed to the golf course. Head coach Ron Hunter, associate head coach Darryl LaBarrie, Associate Director for Sports Communications Mike Holmes and Tyrone Burke from Georgia’s Own Credit Union took to the links at Cariari Country Club.

The course is one of the top courses in the city, but as you can see, poverty can be found everywhere you look in San Jose.


View from No. 13 of the Tom Fazio Course


(L to R): Mike Holmes, Ron Hunter, Darryl LaBarrie and Tyrone Burke


Prior to the start of the basketball clinic in Cartago, head coach Ron Hunter presented a child in attendance a pair of shoes. She was deeply grateful and ended up sitting just a few spots away on the bench from Hunter during the game.




During the clinic, the children were broken up into three groups to work on shooting, dribbling and defense.


Before the evening ended, Hunter dropped off one more pair of shoes with another child who was in attendance in Cartago.


Darryl LaBarrie speaks following the clinic that lasted for just under an hour.


The Panthers huddle up to hear instructions before their first of four games in Costa Rica.


Friday night’s game was played in a small gym in Cartago in the mountains of Costa Rica.


Jordan Session posses with a fan following the game.


Georgia State earned an 82-29 win over Cartago, but afterwards everyone appreciated the time spent together.


Despite not playing, Curtis Washington was among the fan favorites (it might be his 6-10 size or warm personality).


T.J. Shipes

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