ICYMI: Georgia State Athletics in the News, Aug. 4-11

Each week on Monday, we take a quick look back at the past seven days to review some of the highlights of stories in the media for Georgia State student-athletes, coaches, administrators and, like you’ll see this week, occasionally our university leadership. Enjoy a few minutes today catching up on the headlines you might have missed during your lunchtime.

And always feel free to tweet us @GSUPanthers with headlines you’ve seen around the nation that highlight the Panthers. We’re all one big team, and the few of us here in 125 Decatur don’t always see every article, or hear every interview, that’s posted out there. If you think there’s something we’ve missed, shoot it our way.

  1. Atlanta All Day – R.J. Hunter projected as an NBA first-round pick
    It’s football season, no question, but with the high level of play on the basketball court last year, Georgia State is getting it’s fair share of off-season press. And with the play of R.J. Hunter this summer around the country, he’s getting some great individual pub, like this one saying he could have some serious things to consider next spring. Read more
  2. CBS Sports Radio – Kevin Ware: ‘Taking Something You Love Away From You’
    Few people can understand what NBA star Paul George was going through after a horrible injury when he broke his leg two weeks ago. Georgia State’s Kevin Ware, however, may be the best person in the world to relate to George. Read more
  3. New York Times – 99-Page Ruling in O’Bannon Case is Missing Something: Clarity
    There are a lot of changes going on in college athletics at the highest levels right now — and a lot of uncertainty. Georgia State president Mark Becker was quoted for a NYT article on the O’Bannon case and it’s ramifications for universities and student-athletes.  Read more
  4. Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Benson says Sun Belt will move forward in wake of “Power Five” Change
    On a more local level, the Sun Belt Conference still needs to determine what some of the NCAA changes — whether choices of its own or mandated from courts — will mean in the future. AJC reporter Doug Roberson had the info from the NCAA’s changes for the Power 5 regarding autonomy.  Read more
  5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Defense shines in scrimmage
    We’d like to say it’s still early, but is it? The football season starts in 16 days, on Aug. 27. Check out how the team is progressing through about 10 days of practice, and then come see us at the Dome.  Read more
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