Inside Facilities: The Seasons Are Upon Us

Times are changing- Fall is here! Football, soccer, and volleyball seasons are upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. Grass is being mowed, lines are being painted, and court volleyball tape is being applied. Camps are underway and we are excited to have the student-athletes back in our facilities.

It’s been a long summer and it was nice to have some time off from hosting events. We’ve spent the past few months completing tasks to prepare our facilities for preseason practices and our first games. We have worked on painting, cleaning, and completing other small projects around the Sports Arena, Panthersville, and our football practice facility. As someone looking in from the outside, you might not realize all that goes into preparing a facility for competition. We take great pride in presenting our facilities the best way we can to fans, officials, and visiting teams. In addition to appearance, safety is another aspect that we pay close attention to when managing facilities and events. Anything that we notice that has the potential to create a safety issue is addressed ahead of time so there are no problems during the events.

We have sent out our Visiting Team Guides to every team that we will be hosting this fall. It is important for us to share all necessary information to all visiting teams so they are aware of all parking, locker room, local area restaurants, etc. Our goal is for this guide to answer all possible questions or concerns visiting teams may have.

Preparing for our upcoming football season has been a big focus recently. Since the area surrounding the Georgia Dome is under construction, there is a necessity for different entrances on game days. Changes in entrances create the need for new signage being placed both inside and outside the Dome, as well as a new internal operations strategy all together. We are doing our best to create the most effective strategy that works with our football team, fans, students, and staff.  Needless to say, we are eager to have the first CFB game under our belts.

Check back next month to see how the first few weeks of our fall seasons have unfolded.

See you at the game!

–Gina Knutson

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