Inside Communications: How Time Flies

On the third Monday of every month (a couple days late this week), a member of the Sports Communications staff  will give a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on around its area and the department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming Thursday: Operations

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the middle of September and half of our home football games are behind us. What a wild and crazy ride first three games it has been! Although we have crossed off half the games on the schedule doesn’t mean that we will be slowing down at all in the sports communications office.

The first month of class for our student-athletes has been fun for us. We have debuted a lot of new elements on our website and through our social media portals to get our fans more engaged while supporting not only football, but all of our fall sports.

If you haven’t noticed, we have implemented all new video promos pieces for our Olympic sports this fall. Prior to home volleyball and men and women’s soccer games, we have featured our student-athletes with videos for each home contest, the purpose to ask fans, especially students, to come out to the games. There is no question that Georgia State students respond best to messages from our student-athletes as they can put a face to those who are competing on the field or the court.

We have also debuted all new social media graphics that you hopefully have seen before or after football games and all other home events. This has led to increased traffic to all of our social media accounts which can mean additional sponsorship dollars and opportunities down the line. By increasing our social media traffic, it’s one small piece in trying to increase home attendance and interaction with our fans, so this will continue to be a focus into the winter and spring.

Speaking of the winter, basketball season is just around the corner. Now that the first three football games are behind us, we will start to really push the upcoming basketball season on both our website and social media accounts. Don’t get me wrong, we are definitely not forgetting about football or any of our fall sports, but we also want basketball season to get off to a great start both on and off the court (and we know you want that as well).

In just the last few days, we have finalized the look of men’s basketball season tickets, seen the men’s basketball media guide get close to being finished, and started media plans for the season. Although it seemed like it just ended, basketball practice starts two weeks from Friday. It might be a lot of hard work and long hours, but we are excited for the season to get here as the men look to defend their Sun Belt title and the women build on their top-five finish from a year ago.

–Mike Holmes

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