Gameday Poll: Which Power-5 Conference Would You Like to See More Games Against?

It’s Gameday! Georgia State has traveled to Seattle for its first road game of the year and will take on Washington of the Pac-12 at 6 p.m. ET Saturday. Since its first season in 2010, Georgia State has not backed down from playing with the “Big Boys” having already faced Alabama twice, Tennessee and West Virginia.

In the coming years, the Panthers are scheduled to face Penn State, Wisconsin, NC State and Tennessee again just to name a few. Georgia State will also face Clemson later this season.

We have talked a lot of defense already this year in our Gameday Poll, but we are going to slide away from the student-athletes this week.

Our Gameday Poll (which will be done for every game this season) asks that very simple question: Which Power-5 conference would you like to see Georgia State play more games against in the future?

Scheduling is more difficult than just making a phone call, but we are curious to hear from our fans what they think, so let your voice be heard and Go Panthers!

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