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On the fourth Monday of every month, a member of the Academic Support staff  will give a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on around its area and the department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming Wednesday: Panthervision

In our last blog our office had the chance to discuss the ‘14-‘15 academic year and our expectations for student-athletes.  The Academic Support/Student-Athlete Development staff has been very busy with our game plan for student-athlete welfare and success. The month of September is always a blast, as our student-athletes have the opportunity to compete within intercollegiate athletics and work towards the ultimate goal of earning a college degree. September/October also provides our office with the opportunity to implement student-athlete development programming. Listed below our agenda items that we would like to share:

  • 4th Annual American Red Cross Blood Drive Challenge
    • Tuesday, September 23rd @ 8:00am – 6:00pm (125 Decatur St., Atlanta, GA 30303)
  • On-Campus Advising for Spring ‘15 courses (Partnered with University Advising Center)
    • Wednesday, September 24th – Friday, October 10th
  • Cover Letter / Resume  Workshop (Partnered with University Career Services)
    • Monday, September 29th – Tuesday, September 30th – Wednesday, October 1st
    • Event will held at the University Library@ 6:00pm-8:00pm each day
  • Honors College Seminar (Partnered with the University Honors College)
    • October 13th – October 17th (Time – TBA)

Our office is very excited about this year and we enjoy the time that we have to enrich our student-athletes. If anyone is interested in attending an event that is listed above, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay tuned as academic and student-athlete development highlights will continue to be provided throughout this academic year.

–Brad Horton
Associate A.D. – Student-Athlete Development

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