Inside Academics: Providing Student-Athletes With Opportunities

On the fourth Monday of every month, a member of the Academic Support staff will give a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on around its area and the department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming next Monday: Marketing

In our last blog our office had the opportunity to provide you with an snapshot of the the events that our students have engaged in for success within academics and student-athlete development. Here is a snapshot of the events that were a success since our last blog:

4thAnnual American Red Cross Blood Drive Challenge
University surpassed the goal of collecting 350 pints; the official numbers were released and a total of 430 pints were collected, which was 123% of the goal and enough blood to save up to 1290 lives. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

On-Campus Advising for Spring ‘15 courses (Partnered with University Advising Center)
All of our student-athletes have attended advising meetings on campus to review course schedules for Spring ’15. This is a huge process, as our student-athletes have been proactive in making sure courses are degree applicable and meet graduation goal.

Cover Letter / Resume  Workshop (Partnered with University Career Services)
More than 200 student-athletes attended the workshops and have begin the process of looking for summer internships, jobs, and volunteer work. The session were very beneficial, as students learned the do’s and don’ts of proper writing etiquette within your cover letter/resume.

Honors College Seminar (Partnered with the University Honors College)
20+ student-athletes have attended meetings with the University Honors College staff to gauge there interest in the program. Our goals is to have a representative from each of our teams involved, as they are committed to bring the student-athlete perspective to this outstanding group.

The Academic Support/Student-Athlete Development staff has been very busy with our game plan for student-athlete welfare and success. The month of September/October is always a blast, as our student-athletes have the opportunity to compete within intercollegiate athletics and participate within student-athlete development programming. October/November is the next wave of excitement for our student-athletes as we compete for conference championships and focus on final exams.


Stay tuned as academic and student-athlete development office will review the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee roles and responsibilities in the next blog. 

–Brad Horton

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