Inside Facilities: Getting Baseball Ready

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It’s almost that time of year again. The holiday season has passed, everyone is already off of the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, and baseball season is just around the corner! That being said, we wanted to let you in on what was happening out at the GSU Baseball Complex this offseason.

This past August featured possibly the largest field renovation project in recent Georgia State Athletics history.  The infield at the GSU Baseball Complex got a significant facelift.  The main goals of the project were two-fold: upgrade the material being played on, and to get rid of the plateau the infield previously sat on.


We began by removing some of the good sod.  This lush grass was used to patch some areas on other fields that were experiencing heavy wear.


Everything from the infield dirt to behind home plate was tilled up in order to remove excess material.  The height of the infield area was dropped about five inches in order to get it to the correct grade level.  The slope from the pitcher’s mound to each side of the field was too steep so this problem was fixed by removing around 200 tons of dirt.









This picture gives you a pretty good idea of the amount of material that was removed.  The
pitcher’s mound in this photo was untouched during the excavation process.


After new infield dirt was added and graded with a laser to ensure it was perfectly level, it was time for some new sod!


It’s just like laying down fresh carpet!


Changing the grade of the infield meant that the pitcher’s mound needed to be recalibrated.

Here is the after picture. Isn’t she beautiful? We cannot wait to see her in action this spring. After adding new clay and testing the slope, the mound was all set.

See you at the game!

–GSU Grounds

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