Inside PantherVision: That’s a Wrap

On the fourth Wednesday of every month, a member of the PantherVision staff will give a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on around its area and the department. Over the course of every month, each department will be featured at least once. Coming Monday: Marketing.

Panther Family! Welcome back from a great break. I know I enjoyed mine and hope you did too! There is never a dull moment for PantherVision as the spring seasons are right around the corner. Obviously basketball season is in full swing, but we are also preparing for baseball and softball and all kinds of other things.

My first basketball season has been both a fun and great experience for me. I enjoy watching the student-athlete’s interaction and the overall production of the games which has been a completely different realm from football.

With basketball I am in more creative control with the team, which means I create more of the videos for the board, oversee game production and also assist with shooting the men’s game. A lot of work goes into putting together each game and although we are midway through the season, there is still so much that changes daily.

I experienced my first television game this past Saturday as rival UL Lafayette came to the Sports Arena for a game televised on ESPN3. It felt good to have someone else run the game for a change and do all the main production. I was able to sit back and learn what they do and see the game from a viewers’ stand point. It also showed me some things we can improve upon for PantherVision.

I hope when you come to the games and look up at the big screen you enjoy all of the things we work on to make it a better in-game experience. Stay tuned for more new visuals coming soon and until next time have a wonderful month!

–Sherik Hodge

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